About Us

K-Pop is My Happy Place!

After completing the 9 Steps to enter the K-Pop fandom, the dream began. Kpopshirts.com was set in my mind and became alive in 2017.

100% Original

These designs are completely and 100% original with my own text, art and images!

I aspire to create merch that expresses one of my most addicting hobbies, K-Pop, to connect with others who share the same interest. So not too long after that I spent hours coming up with the best original ideas I could think of. Next thing I know, after months of hard work a website is up and I'm so motivated to come up with bigger and better ideas!

Here I am today connecting with K-Pop fans from all around the world at the age of (say the name!) SEVENTEEN!

I have many goals and plans for my business and will continue to work hard every day. Nothing has ever made me happier than seeing my own dreams come to life and being saved on Pinterest and liked on Instagram. All the support means the world and I can't wait to see this business grow!

Now that kpopshirts.com is here I have all sorts of help from friends and family creating amazing shirts! If you are up for it, you could become part of the K-Pop Shirts design team too! All you have to do is send in your own original t-shirt design and we'll send a t-shirt with that design to you for free if we use it in our store. Remember K-Pop is not just music, it's a family.